WinACC is working with the SelfCity project that is exploring ‘grassroots’ responses to climate change in the UK, Germany and Netherlands. In the UK it is led by the University of the West of England (UoWE) in Bristol. SELFCITY is a 3-year project funded through the Joint Programming Initiative “Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe”  The JPI Climate programme was established as part of the effort to address climate change as one of the Grand Challenges for European societies as a whole where the aim is to better understand how we might achieve a climate-friendly and climate-proof Europe.

The project is thus concerned with the ways in which people in places are making sense of the threat/risk of climate change and what they are doing as a response to these projected threats/risks.  This might be thought of as ‘community-led’ or ‘self-organising’ responses to the climate challenge. The SELFCity project seeks to explore how community-led responses have been taking root in particular places where there is community organising.

A series of meetings were held for WinACC activists on 16 April, 21 May and 9 July. These provided an introduction to the project, and also explored ways in which WinACC has been successful and could share its expertise with others, while also looking at where it would be useful for WinACC to learn from other comparable organisations.

The subject of how to extend WinACC’s outreach was identified by participants as of particular importance, as was gaining clarity about WinACC’s core messages.

In the autumn WinACC will benefit from some great opportunities for capacity building, with two externally facilitated training events planned. On 22 October there will be a workshop led by Chris Church of Climate Action England, which will look at how we extend our outreach. On 19 November we will explore issues around messaging and communication with Ed Gillespie of Futerra. More on our events page.