Incredible Edible Winchester, WinACC's Food Action Group, now has an allotment at Edington Road, off Worthy Lane Winchester (near the football ground). 

They invite people, individuals or families, to come along and either learn about growing or share their knowledge about growing edible plants….growing locally and seasonally in action.  

They write:

Allotment before start of workWe have spent the last few weeks clearing the ground, as the pitch was very overgrown and to our pleasant surprise there are plenty of raspberry canes, a few gooseberry bushes and some rhubarb crowns starting to spring into life, along with a couple of resident frogs, and thanks to Jim’s hard work digging over the beds, he’s already managed to plant some broad beans and onions.

In the next few weeks, once the soil is a little warmer (and we’ve cleared a few more brambles), we will be inviting people to come along and get stuck in. 

We plan to meet weekly on Sundays between 10-12am, and once the growing is in full swing, include a weekday evening meet-up.

Allotment - under the grass we have raspberriesIf you want to come along, we are not expecting a weekly commitment, just whatever you can do….and if you don’t fancy digging, there is a shed that needs painting, plants to put into the ground, or just come along for a chat. If you would like to learn more, or come along and help, please follow us on or email for further information.

 If you have any spare tools, gloves, seeds, plants or herbs that you would be able to donate, please contact us and we will arrange collection or drop-off. 

The official grand opening of the allotment will be on Sunday 30 Apr at 11-12am, please come along to see what we are doing, even if you don’t wish to be involved regularly.


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