WinACC launched BREATHE for  better air, transport, health and environment at our meeting on 1 April (see the presentation,  the list of ideas from people at the meeting, and our news release).

We want the BREATHE name and logo to be taken up by everyone who wants better air, transport, health and environment. We hope you will run your own  BREATHE actions. See our guidelines on using the name, strapline, logo and posters.

Please help us spread the word:

  • print a We Back BREATHE poster - landscape or portrait - to put in your window
  • order a supply of posters from us to give to your neighbours - get your whole road to Back BREATHE!
  • take the poster to your club, group, church, pub or school and ask them to back BREATHE.
  • Follow @BREATHE_Win on Twitter, BREATHE Facebook group and Back BREATHE Facebook page where you can share your ideas and your campaigns. 
  • Sign up for email notifications of BREATHE actions - email
  • Create your own BREATHE action - share ideas in the Back BREATHE Facebook group
  • Ask about BREATHE priorities when someone knocks on your door to ask you to vote for them in the Hampshire County Council election on 4 May (more). 

Good luck! and please tell us how you are using BREATHE for your own activities - send an email to, or join the Facebook group to share ideas and debate.

Want to know more? See: