Hampshire County Council planned to cut up £1.25m to £1.5m from public transport and askied how we want them to do it, with a deadline of  31 May 2014. Here is WinACC's Transport Action Group response.

Even though Goverment has cut the Council's overall budget, the Council can choose where to make cuts. Public transport is important for climate change and should be protected. Instead, we suspect that buses are getting more than their fair share of cuts. How can people cut their car miles when there's no alternative? No-one should need to drive to live their daily life.
If you do not think it right to make cuts in subsidised bus services, you can say so at Qu 20. 

You could ask for HCC to take a more positive approach. For example, HCC could review all bus services (subsidised and unsubsidised) and establish joint initiatives with WCC, the parishes and the bus operators to increase bus use to make more services  commercially viable so that subsidy per passenger goes down.

A joint bus services development plan could double bus usage by attracting people who currently get about by car. It could serve needs not currently met, and target more closely those it meets only partially (through better timetabling, route design, flexible ticketing, etc.). HCC could consider declaring Winchester a ‘Better Bus Area’ to give it more co-ordinating powers.

You could also point out that they could have used the questionnaire to ask detailed questions about journeys currently made by car in order to identify the needs that bus services do not currently meet.

Below, you will find what the Council sent us. 

Review of local bus and community services

What is this consultation about?
Hampshire County Council needs to save £1.25-£1.5 million from public and community transport spending by 2015/16 as part of an overall reduction in Council spending following a cut in Government funding. We need to look very carefully at where our funding goes, and ensure that this properly reflects community priorities and represents the best value for money, which is why we are once again consulting extensively both organisations and individuals on options before we make any final decisions.

The contribution from the Passenger Transport Services support could be achieved by a mixture of the following options which reflect responses to previous consultations:
• Reducing or ceasing support for Sunday services
• Reducing or ceasing support for evening services after 7pm
• Ceasing the 9am early start for the older persons bus pass
• Reducing the frequency and/or days of service
• Replacing bus services with taxishares or community transport services
• Reducing the amount of printed publicity with a greater use of electronic information 
• Other ideas or suggestions received through the consultation

There are two consultation forms available for completion - one for individuals and another for organisations.

For full details on how to take part in this consultation, please go to www.hants.gov.uk/transportconsultation2014. This consultation will be running from March 2014 until 31st May 2014.