An online resource to help businesses prepare for the effects of climate change.  In tough economic times many are already looking to reduce the future risks to their business, make the most of emerging opportunities and keep ahead of the game as the economic outlook improves.
‘Preparing for Change: climate-proof your tourism business’ is available at  It has been developed in partnership by Climate South East, South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership, South West Tourism and Tourism South East, and is structured around the impacts of severe weather.  Each section tells how businesses might be affected, suggests practical actions to reduce the risk or take advantage of the opportunities, and provides guidance to further information and support.
The site contains a checklist to enable businesses to record their progress quickly in adapting to climate change and provides them with a personalised action plan complete with signposts to relevant further help.
With weather patterns changing, severe events such as floods, heatwaves and droughts are likely to become more frequent and intense – the recent floods in Cumbria are an example of something predicted to happen more frequently in future. is designed to help tourism businesses prepare and adapt for the effects of our changing climate.
Paul Jeffries, Sustainable Development Manager at Tourism South East and Chair of the Tourism Sector Group at Climate South East said, ‘Smart businesses are environmentally and socially responsible, but they also know that climate change represents a business continuity issue as well as an opportunity.  Forward-looking businesses are starting to prepare and adapt – just as they would to any other issue affecting their industry and can help them do this.  In the current economic climate, they know that being resilient could mean the difference between success and failure.’
Emma Whittlesea, Sustainability Strategist at South West Tourism and Chair of the Tourism Sector Group at South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership said, ‘Weather patterns are changing, and severe events are likely to become more frequent and intense.  Whilst many businesses are aware of the problem they can be intimidated by the scale of it and do not know where to start, thinking ‘what can I do?’  This toolkit is designed to help those businesses plan for change in a logical, step-by-step way and face the future with greater confidence.’