Andy Smale, WinACC's Home Energy Advisor, recently visited Sarah Jones, a local social housing tenant, at the request of the landlord.  She lives in a house in the countryside which is not close to mains gas, and so she relies on expensive electric heating. 

Andy quickly realised that Sarah didn't know how to use her heating system.  The instructions for the system were poorly written, and the dial on the heating programmer was almost too stiff to turn, making adjustment very difficult.  This meant that, rather than being able to leave it to the programmer, Sarah Jones had to turn each radiator on and off manually every day.

Through a process of trial and error, Andy eventually worked out how the system was designed, and managed to get the programmer working.  He showed Sarah how to set up the system to control the heating upstairs and downstairs independently, so that the heating could come on to warm the house in time to get up in the morning and again in the evening.

Mrs Jones was also shown how to work the heating programmer so that the hot water cylinder was only heated twice a day, rather than wasting energy staying hot constantly.

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