Energy monitoring

How much energy is your home using? Is the energy use going up or down? How much energy does your home consume when you’re out or overnight? Monitoring the energy use can help answer all of these and help you identify areas where you can make savings.

Bob Whitmarsh, chair of WinACC's Science and Technology Advisory Panel, has published a report assessing the web-based carbon calculators for individuals to measure their carbon footprint. The report also looks at the different sites that enable groups of people to record, share and compare their energy use. February 2011 

Updated 28 Oct 2017

After the use of mains gas for central heating, the use of electricity is most people’s biggest contribution to their carbon footprint from activities in the home. However, a lot of electricity is needlessly wasted, so it is easy to make savings.

Electricity and appliances tips:

  1. Switching off and stand-by