Solar PV

A solar photovoltaic, or solar PV, system generates electricity from daylight. If you install them on your house, you can use this free electricity in your home instead of using electricity from your energy company and so reduce your energy bills. The government also pays you for the amount of electricity that the panels produce whether you use the energy or not!

Solar thermal systems heat water using sunlight so that your boiler does not have to work as hard. This means your boiler uses less energy. They work best on sunny south-facing roofs and can generate around half of your household’s hot water requirements.

Heating with wood

Wood-burning stoves can supplement an existing heating system and can also make a wonderful focal point in your living or dining room.  Back-boiler stoves provide heating  for the whole house and/or hot water as well.

Depending on your tariff and personal circumstances, you can pay your energy bill in a variety of ways.  Your options are usually listed on the back of your energy bill.

The SAVE project in Kings Worthy has engaged with a wide range of local people over the last six months about what change they would most like to see in their village. Overwhelmingly, people wanted to see more connectedness within the community, particularly

LED bulbs are now available at a similar price as the older compact fluorescent low-energy bulbs – typically £3-£4 for branded bulbs when bought in multipacks.  This means that payback times are of the matter of a few months rather than years.  

From the Centre for Sustainable Energy in Bristol: video on how to carry out a DIY home energy efficiency audit. 

This is a quick introduction to voltage optimisation and how you can make changes to save energy and money.

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It really helps if you understand your energy bill as this will help you to see where you can save money. Unfortunately, every energy bill is laid out differently, but don’t despair. 


Changing lightbulbs is perhaps the easiest way to save energy in the home and can deliver significant savings.

Here's a quick introduction to lightbulbs and how you can make changes to save energy and money.