From the Centre for Sustainable Energy in Bristol: video on how to carry out a DIY home energy efficiency audit. 

The snowy weather is good for spotting who's insulated the roof - see the contrast between neigbouring roofs in our pictures of Winchester. Insulating the roof means that the heat stays indoors, instead of leaking out and melting the snow.

Greening Fulflood homes across Fulflood will open their doors to visitors on the 27th and 28th of February between 2.00 and 4.30. Addresses and what you can see below. Look at other people's homes and chat to the owners about their experiences with sun pipes, under-floor,  cavity and roof insulation, effective LED lighting,  wood burning stoves...

WinACC's monthly Saturday morning open meeting with guest speaker Sarah Harrison. Sarah, now an expert in retro-fitting who has been invited to contribute to government policy, will talk about why we need to transform pre-1900 houses, how we can do it and the problems, costs and benefits involve. See what Sarah has done in her own London ecohome.

This is a report by English Heritage.
The UK government consider climate change is probably the greatest long-term challenge facing the human race and have made it a priority for the UK to cut our carbon dioxide concentrations, which are believed to contribute to climate change.

Updated 8 Aug 2017

As average temperatures rise, it’s becoming more common for people to use fans and air conditioning to keep cool in summer. However, there are other simpler, cheaper and more environmentally friendly strategies that can be used to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Updated 22 Oct 2017

Heating our homes in winter uses a lot of energy and many people’s bills are rising as fuel prices rise. Read on for tips to reduce your energy used for heating - they will save you money and also reduce your impact on climate change.

Tips for keeping warm:

  1. Simple ways to keep warm