Empowered: How Calculating your Carbon Footprint Can Empower You to Make a Difference

When Ellie Bolton sat down to calculate her carbon footprint it was with a certain measure of apprehension.  “I had no idea how many tonnes of CO2 emissions my household fuel bills, car mileage and daily habits would equate to,” She said. Curiosity drove her on with a wary eye on the clock – how much time would this take? It sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

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Feature article by Ellie Bolton.

Did you see the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) advertisements on the television this Christmas asking you if you are ready to say goodbye to the polar bears?  It is a very emotive ad.  Nobody wants to see polar bears disappear and their desperate plight as victims of human-caused climate change is distressing.  I hope that it has been an effective fundraising campaign.  But, perhaps what the advert should have gone on to say is that we all have a part to play in mitigating against the effects of climate change, and the people of Winchester...

Updated 6 Dec 2017

Using your influence is potentially the most powerful way you can combat climate change. Spread the word among family, friends and colleagues. And remember that governments and businesses do take notice of what their voters and customers want - make your voice heard!