Winchester City Council increased central Winchester can parking charges on 1 May 2017. Below is the Council's press release setting out their reasons. WinACC  supports the aim of encouraging fewer people to drive in the city centre.

Over 500 adults voted in the Pollution Poll in the Cathedral close on 2 October 2016. Everyone could vote for two choices out of eight possible ways to make the air cleaner in Winchester town centre - or they could vote for "Keep things as they are - pollution isn't a worry for me".

97% of over 1000 votes were in favour of doing something.

Many local people, including Councillors, are citicising "the mindless attitude towards pedestrians" in  the design of the new Winchester station double-decker car park.


A parking strategy should not simply reflect current patterns, but should seek to shape the future to meet all the Council's objectives for the wellbeing of Winchester District.

It is essential that parking is not seen as a transport issue alone, or an economic issue alone.  Traffic in the town centre causes congestion, pollution, and traffic blight.

As the new City Council prepares to review its car parking strategy, WinACC publishes a substantial report on car parks in and near Winchester town.

The BID's own data analysed by WinACC Transport Action Group provides no evidence to support the argument that the closure of Friarsgate car park led to fewer people in Winchester town centre. See report.

The City Council wants to involve you at an early stage in shaping the future of the Winchester Station Area.

See what was said at stakeholder consultation meetings .

Dates for the workshop-style consultation meetings  for local residents:

Winchester City Council invite you to comment on the plan to use this car park for a new Extra Care Home. Background Exhibition: 2.00pm – 9.00pm; Workshops: 2.15pm – 5.00pm & 7.00pm – 9.00pm

What is our vision for Winchester town centre? It's already a great place. How can we keep it a destination of choice in the future? WinACC's Transport Action Group has been looking at what is happening in other cities and towns to make places even more attractive to shoppers, visitors and residents.

WinACC's position paper on traffic, access and parking - the facts that show the real problem, and what to do about it.