With Office of Road and Rail statistics showing an 8.8% decline in train journeys in 2016/17, there is an urgent need to introduce new train journey opportunities. South Western Railway has been consulting on proposals for changes to its train timetable from December 2018.

Our response aims to improve the rail service in Winchester district to encourage people to travel by train instead of road. Read our response.

"A Framework for a Public Transport Strategy for Winchester District: A discussion on how improving public transport can reduce greenhouse gas emissions"  suggests issues that a strategy would need to address.  It was published by WinACC Transport Group, August 2013 to stimulate discussion and demonstrate how a strategy could identify priorities for the District.  So one or two of the facts will have changed, but the idea is as valid as ever.

Travel by train and cut your carbon footprint.

Trains are a much more efficient way to make journeys: energy use and carbon emissions are lower per passenger than road transport

Trains travel faster than road vehicles, and you can estimate your journey time much better.

You can read or work on the train, or sleep, or enjoy the scenery – more pleasant and productive than driving.