All you need is enthusiasm, a bit of time and an interest in lifestyle change. It costs nothing and will save money from your energy bill.  Here's how you can get involved....

  • Host an information evening at your house. We help you invite people along. They can hear about the programme with no obligation to join. We have all the tools to help you approach people and organise your  meeting. This approach works really well for neighbourhoods or faith groups.

  • Run your own EcoGroup. Perhaps you belong to a group already who are interested in trying this. We will provide a couple of short training sessions to get you familiar with the handbook and ensure your EcoGroup runs effectively.
  • Join an EcoGroup as a member. If you don't want to run your own group but would like to join one, contact us at the WinACC office and we will find you a group to join. 

Everybody can get involved in this programme. Whether you are completely new to the idea of carbon foot-printing or whether you have been reducing your carbon emissions for many years you can learn something new.