It has never been so important to change our habits to reduce our carbon footprints. How can we go about creating such a change?

Cool Communities is a programme that takes individuals on an easy step-by-step journey to reduce their energy consumption and cut their carbon footprint. And the best thing is that it brings neighbours / community groups / parents together to work through the programme in small friendly groups to share ideas and support each other.    

This successful approach of collective action can have a huge impact on the country’s target for greenhouse emission reduction and brings you together with people in your community. 


How does it work?          

Cool Communities brings people together in EcoGroups.

 An EcoGroup consists of 5 to 8 households from your neighbours, colleagues, social clubs and family.

Once established, EcoGroups meet 4 times over an 8-week period in order to help each other work through the Cool Communities handbook. The handbook has all the tools for you to reduce your carbon footprint in an enjoyable way!

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Why does it work?

The strength of Cool Communities is that, by working together as a group, people feel able to make changes to their lives because they see others do the same thing. Saving energy, saving money, and saving the planet is seen as a normal thing to do—and you have a good time doing it!

Research shows that our sense of wellbeing and happiness is strongly linked to our feeling of being connected to people.

How can I get involved?

All you need to get involved is enthusiasm, a bit of time and an interest in making some lifestyle changes. It costs nothing and will ultimately save you money from your energy bill. 

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How do I get in contact?

If you would like to host an information meeting, run your own EcoGroup, or join an EcoGroup as a member, please do get in contact with the WinACC office:

Telephone: 01962 827083


EcoGroup Resources

Cool Communities Handbook - not available to download.  The handbook is designed to be used in small groups  to make measurable changes in your carbon footprint, but it is also useful for people to do alone or as a family. More about Cool Communities here - or contact Individual copies £12.50 plus postage, 8 copies or more £10 each.

Resources and tools to support and help EcoGroup leaders and hosts. 

  • EcoGroup Recording Grid. This is a grid to record your groups initial carbon footprint and their losses, pledges and community action. You can send this in after the last meeting or email the results to the Cool Communities team. 
  • Leaders Meeting Guides. The 4 meeting guides in a separate document. This will allow the leader to easily refer to them during the meetings.
  • Information Meeting Guide. This gives advice on how to run an information meeting.  remember: you can ask your adviser to help set up and run this meeting. 

Additional Information

Cool Communities Pilot project 2013/14: