Employers who sign the Guarantee pledge to implement a series of simple, low cost measures to make cycling to work easier for those who wish to do so, thereby encouraging as many people as possible to cycle to work. It is  about removing the barriers that might stop people getting on their bikes.

The employers that choose to sign up to the Guarantee are signalling that they are committed to delivering the following five points:

  • Secure, safe, and accessible bike parking facilities for all staff who want them
  • Good quality changing and locker facilities for all staff who want them
  • Offset the cost of cycling equipment and save on the tax through the ‘Cycle to Work scheme’
  • Bike repair for cyclists on or near site
  • Training, reward and incentive programmes to achieve targets for more cycling

If more of us cycled to work it would cut rush hour congestion, and result in a healthier, fitter workforce with the all associated benefits of increased productivity and reduced absenteeism that entails.

Nearly a quarter of all car trips are made by people getting to and from work and we know that many of these are relatively short journeys of less than five miles, that could easily be cycled.

Providing on site bike maintenance and cycling incentives and rewards, along with sending out clear signals from the top that cycling to and from the office is a good thing, can all help make cycling a realistic, alternative option for travelling to work.

This is an opportunity for employers, for a relatively low cost investment, to reap massive returns for their organisation and their communities: reduced congestion – means faster journey times, reduced carbon emissions – better air quality, and a healthier, fitter workforce. 

Those who do choose to cycle to work, will find it is an economical way to get healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.


Sign up to the Cycle to Work Guarantee . Once you have signed up, the name of your organisation will appear on the website. This is a great way to show that you are a forward looking organisation that is committed to helping develop a healthier, fitter workforce.



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