We believe that these ten principles should define the future development of Winchester.
We hope they stimulate your thoughts on this subject at the meeting on 6 November.

We want a sustainable, enjoyable and socially fair city that retains its historic urban characteristics within its remarkable landscape setting.

More than this, though, we want a city that looks to the future as well as the past (as it always has done), recognising the inescapable pressures for change and the social need for development, but harnessing them to enhance the life and character of the place.

To achieve this over the next 20 years, these 10 principles must be embedded in all planning policies:

1. A generally walkable city, with as near a traffic-free area within the historic walls as is compatible with economic success and freedom of movement for all.
2. Good affordable public transport and other means of reducing the need for local private-car journeys, with improvement of commercial delivery arrangements.
3. Mixed-use development, including the secondary centres and the villages that look to Winchester, so that the urban areas remain compact and the setting is preserved.
4. Sustainable new and old buildings; sustainable energy generation and distribution; conservation of water resources, and encouragement of local food production and sale.
5. Development of policies to ensure a better mix and distribution of housing and employment.
6. Expert professional forethought in the location and design of new build and redevelopment to ensure enhancement of the character of the city and the well-being of its residents.
7. Expert professional forethought to retain and improve on the unusually sudden transition between town and country.
8. A programme of planting to perpetuate the famously green character of the city (from within and without) and to enhance the enjoyment of walking and cycling.
9. Development of the cultural and economic life of the city in all manner of ways, from education to events, and from business to entertainment.
10. Improvement of opportunities and encouragement for involvement and participation in local decision-making.

• What have we missed or not emphasised enough?
• How can the City Council’s Local Development Framework provide for these objectives?
• What would be your priorities?

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Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) www.winacc.org.uk  (01962 827083)
Winchester Area Community Action (WACA) www.waca.org.uk (01962 842293)
City of Winchester Trust (CWT) www.cityofwinchestertrust.co.uk (01962 851664)



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