Last July, the three Councils including Winchester City Council decided not to give permission to build a wind farm at Bullington Cross. 

The company, edf, have decided to appeal against the decision.  They have also have publicly reconfirmed their committment to Bullington Cross having part community ownership.

There is no news of when the appeal will be heard - but this is not likely until summer 2015.  But this time let's hope the planning inspector will listen to the people.  70% of the UK population want more wind farms. Just 12% don't want them.

2,800 people wrote and emailed local planning officers, Councillors and MPs supporting community ownership of the wind farm. Maybe the planning nspector will remember that wind farms are hugely popular.  That wind farms are clean and efficient. They create local jobs. They reduce our reliance on dirty expensive and imported fossil fuels. And when owned by the community we all benefit environmentally and financially. Bullington cross wind farm was the most heavily supported wind farm application EVER.

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