In late January 2016, Winchester Action on Climate Change commissioned an energy assessment survey on behalf of a local, modern, community hall. The survey aimed to identify any energy wastage and actions which could be carried out to improve energy efficiency and conservation.

Energy use and carbon footprint

The survey estimated the annual gas and electricity costs plus carbon footprint for the building, finding:

- Each year the property uses approximately 24,000 kWh of gas at a cost of £1130.

- Each year the property uses approximately 7,000 kWh of electricity at a cost of £900.

- Each year the property generates approximately 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions as a result of its energy use. This is equivalent to driving 38,000 miles in a typical car. 

Recommended actions

From the findings of the survey - which included thermal images showing areas of energy wastage - a number of energy and cost saving actions were recommended:

- Improving heating control offers the greatest potential savings (zero cost, £350pa savings)

- Installing pipe insulation will further reduce energy wastage on heating (variable cost but typically three-year payback)

- Loft insulation would benefit from complete replacement (estimated cost £1000, ~£100pa savings)

- Most windows are poorly sealed and would benefit from repair (£50) or replacement (£400-£500/window, estimated savings £50-£100pa)

- Scope for reducing energy wastage on exterior lighting (variable cost/savings) and hot water dispenser (£5 cost, £50pa savings)

- Depending on acceptable payback times, there is scope for installing solar panels on the west-south-west roof aspect (£5500 cost, £365pa savings)

The full energy assessment survey, with detailed recommendations, is attached below.

Thermal image of energy wastage Winchester Action on Climate Change

Thermal images taken during the survey showed points of energy wastage, including significant losses from uninsulated heating pipes.