September 2015

Britain’s first house made almost entirely of rubbish. Nothing is waste till you've wasted it - things we throw away could be the eco-building materials for the future.

WinACC trustees are responsible for the organisation - our management, strategies and finances. Trustee meetings are not public meetings, but if you would like to attend as an observer, please contact the office on

Ben Hamilton-Baillie is the UK’s leading exponent on low-speed design principles and shared space, seeking ways to cope with growth, and to better integrate traffic into cities, towns and villages. Ben will speak at the City of Winchester Trust AGM. 

October 2015

You are invited to celebrate with WinACC! We've had an exciting year with the Great Waste and camapaigning for a binding global agreement in Paris this November, and loads of people involved in action groups on food and waste, building and transport, and much more..