March 2017

The Food action group aims to promote community food growing and stop food being wasted.

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The chair is Clare Shorter.

The Transport Action Group aims to cut emissions from transport, especially the private car and flying. We lobby for better public transport, more attention to walking and cycling, and to reduce the adverse effects of traffic in the city. Contact

More energy is wasted heating and cooling business premises than in any other activity.

With energy costs rising, and unlikely to fall, whether you own or rent your premises, hear how you can save money and speak to others in the same situation.

Breakfast followed by 3 speakers highlighting the issues and some practical steps you can take finishing with a "Green Impact" session for those signed up to the Winchester City Council scheme.

The Renewable Energy action group promotes increased use of renewable energy in Winchester district by raising awareness influencing local policies and promoting locally based, larger scale renewable energy generation schemes.

WinACC Community Engagement Group supports WinACC's activities in engaging with people and communities to cut their carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of lower carbon living.

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is a brand new energy efficiency support service for small and medium-sized companies in England, Wales and Scotland.

Paul Ciniglio is Head of Assets & Sustainability for First Wessex.  He is experienced in advanced environmental retrofit and zero carbon housing. In 2012 he was crowned Green Social Housing Champion of the Year at the Sustainable Housing Awards.

The Waste action group aims to promote the ethos of Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Dispose.

One of series of talks organised by the Hoare Centre for Responsible Management, in conjunction with the Winchester Business School (WBS) at Winchester University.

Jonathon Porritt on "Hope and Despair in the Foothills of the Anthropocene"

Dr Karen Blakeley of the WBS says:

April 2017

Our open meetings are the ideal way to play your part in tackling  climate change. Find out what's going on in Winchester District, meet friendly like-minded people, and join in discussions and plans for action. Meetings are well-run with plenty of time for discussion, and we always end on time. Refreshments available from 10. All welcome