November 2014

advert for eventJoin Alan, co founder of The Water Garden, explores the question whether the UK could produce enough food to independently sustain itself. 

Regular meeting of the WinACC Learning Steering Group.

WinACC will get the fees from stallholders at the Car Boot Sale on Sunday 30 November. This is the last sale before Xmas, so help us make loads of money! If you want, we can store your contributions.

December 2014

Regular meeting of the WinACC Transport Action Group.

Regular meeting of the WinACC Built Environment Action Group.

What we eat, how it is produced and where it comes from, can have a huge impact on the environment. Indeed, about one-sixth of the UK’s carbon footprint is food-related.  Everybody is welcome who has an interest in this topic and a desire to get involved in campaigning and action. 

What saves the most energy - heating or eating? Should I use gas or electricity? What is a watt anyway?
Find out about payment options, tariffs and the warm home discount. Free and all welcome

Regular meeting of the WinACC Renewable Energy Action Group.