January 2017

The Winchester Business School and the Fashion, Media and Marketing degree of the University of Winchester are co-hosting a film The True Cost - Fairness, Environmental Sustainability and Human Welfare in the Fashion Industry’. 

Dr Karen Blakeley of the WBS says: "This is a truly moving and fascinating film that will be an unforgettable experience.  I will never forget the time and place I saw the film and how it changed my understanding of the world in which we live. Please bring friends, children, colleagues and anyone you can to share in an amazing experience!"

WinACC trustees are responsible for the organisation - our management, strategies and finances. Trustee meetings are not public meetings, but if you would like to attend as an observer, please contact the office on winacc@winacc.org.uk

February 2017

Incredible Edible Winchester, WinACC's Food Action Group, aims to promote community food growing and stop food being wasted. For more information contact food@winacc.org.uk. The chair is Clare Shorter.

On alternate months, the  Built Environment and Transport Action Groups have joint meetings to influence the built environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both direct and indirect. They work with the City of Winchester Trust in the Winchester 2020 Group. Contact BEG@winacc.org.uk.

The Renewable Energy action group promotes increased use of renewable energy in Winchester district by raising awareness influencing local policies and promoting locally based, larger scale renewable energy generation schemes.

Click here for more, or  contact renewables@winacc.org.uk.

In the last six years over 140 million people were forced to move because of climate change disasters.

This conference is supported by trade unions and environmental, refugee and human rights campaigns. It will include expert briefings, and new evidence of the impact of climate change on human security. It aims to dispel myths about refugees, debate a possible new UN human rights framework for environmental refugees, and raise demands for stronger government leadership on this fundamental issue.

WinACC Community Engagement Group supports WinACC's activities in engaging with people and communities to cut their carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of lower carbon living.

Do you want to help your church engage with environmental issues? This event is a chance to explore the new Eco Church scheme and hear about current local church projects and share experiences. The session will also help you to effectively articulate the Christian case for action. The speaker will be Ruth Valerio, Churches and Theology Director for A Rocha UK (a Christian conservation charity).

Our Science and Technology Advisory Panel makes sure that all WinACC's work is based on up-to-date and robust scientific and technical evidence.  Click here for more, or contact stap@winacc.org.uk.

This is one of a series of talks organised by the Hoare Centre for Responsible Management in association with the Winchester Business School (WBS).

For February, the guest speaker is Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General of the CBI, with a talk entitled:
“Responsible Business Leading the Way"