October 2014

The Waste Action Group aims to promote the ethos of  'Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Dispose' in terms of waste. 

 The objectives for 2014/15 are:

Come along to this free event hosted by Hampshire Sustainable Business Network to find out more about keeping your business sustainable and how to overcome environmental challenges.

Robert Nicholls, Professor of Coastal Engineering at the University of Southampton, discusses his research on the issues facing our coasts and their adaptation to climate change, with an emphasis on sea-level rise. Hear about how this research is developing a tool to forecast what the UK's coastline will look like in the future.

The Learning Steering Group supports people across Winchester district to work together to change to a lower carbon lifestyle.

For more information contact learning@winacc.org.uk.

November 2014

Regular meeting of the WinACC Built Environment Action Group.

A talk by Polly Higgins, the lawyer developing the Ecocide Act - the Law to protect the planet.

The Eridicate Ecocide campaign is in its final year and it is imperative that everyone gets behind the cause, signs the petition, and generally makes a fuss about it, standing up to call for the law to be introduced. Whether this means writing to your local MP, MEP, newspapers or sharing the campaign widely, we have an opportunity to make a real difference, and now is the time to do it.

Future Solent are proud to announce their 3rd Annual conference and expo. 
This event is an opportunity to talk with businesses that have received grants from Future Solent's Green Growth programme, to hear about the new Solent Energy strategy, find out who the new Hampshire Bank will be lending to, network with academics, the public sector and clean-tech clusters and give instant feedback on what you think of the Future Solent plans.

The Local Plan controls new housing and development. Winchester City Council plans to publish a draft of the Local Plan Part 2 in October, for consultation. It will be very close to the documents taken to the City Council meeting on 22 September.

This meeting will be an opportunity to discuss, feed back our views and question Steve Opacic, Winchester City Council Planner: