November 2017

The first in a series of interactive and engaging workshops to explore the themes around Climate Change to set the agenda for the planned University of Winchester Centre for Climate Change Education and Communication.

The  Built Environment and Transport Action Group aims to influence urban design, and the built environment including transport and movement around Winchester and district in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both direct and indirect. Contact Contact

Burning fossil fuel for transport produces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and produce air pollution that is directly harmful to health.

Poor air quality in Winchester affects us all. 

What action is the Council taking to improve air quality? How could the Movement Strategy assist? Hear from Simon Finch and Dave Ingram from Winchester City Council.

December 2017

WinACC trustees are responsible for the organisation - our management, strategies and finances. Trustee meetings are not public meetings, but if you would like to attend as an observer, please contact the office on

The Waste action group aims to promote the ethos of prevent, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, dispose.

The Food action group aims to promote community food growing and stop food being wasted. For more information contact

A public exhibition showing Winchester City Council's draft plan for central Winchester regeneration, which includes Silver Hill.

The draft plan is also available on the council's website.

Note this is event is organised by Winchester City Council, not WinACC.

WinACC Community Engagement Group supports WinACC's activities in engaging with people and communities to cut their carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of lower carbon living.

Our Science and Technology Advisory Panel makes sure that all WinACC's work is based on up-to-date and robust scientific and technical evidence.  Click here for more, or contact