Thursday, 28 June 2018 - 11:00am to 4:30pm

Hampshire Climate Action Network workshop on air quality and air monitoring. For people who are active in their community on air quality. 


10:30 Arrival & refreshments

11.00 Introduction and aims of the day

11.10 Agenda-setting 

11.45 Short presentation followed by discussion on:

  • what is air pollution?
  • what are the health effects?
  • what about particulate matter (PM)?
  • what is the impact of shipping?

12.15 Short presentation followed by discussion on:

  • how is air quality being measured?
  • what is not being measured?
  • what is modelling and how does it help or hinder?
  • what problems arise with this and what could be improved upon?
  • what the local, national, European and WHO regulations require?
  • how are these being reported on?

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Plenary session addressing issues arising from the morning’s discussions, which might include:

  • pros and cons of citizen science and air quality monitoring
  • building relationship with local authority and other stakeholders
  • working with the media
  • dealing with health and air quality - where is the evidence, what can we say?

14.30 Open space for ideas for solutions that participants would like to develop. 

16.00 Feedback from open space participants

16.25 Closing statements and next steps

16.30 Finish