Who should we name as WinACC’s main contact with us?

The registration form asks you to give the name and contact details of the person who will be WinACC’s main point of contact with your organisation. This person will be the appointed representative who receives information from WinACC on your organisation’s behalf, represents your organisation at WinACC meetings and votes on your organisation’s behalf, for example in trustee elections and at AGMs.

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What if we aren’t based in Winchester?

Although WinACC’s work is focused on cutting the carbon footprint of people and
organisations in Winchester District, any organisation that carries out some of its activities in Hampshire (including Southampton or Portsmouth) can join.

People from other organisations are welcome to sign up to our e-newsletter and post things to our website by registering.

If you're not based in Winchester, please use our registration form to give us your contact details.

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Haven’t we signed up before?

In autumn 2013 changed its legal status from charity to charitable company. As it technically became a new organisation, with different membership rules, we had to ask our previous members to re-join.

We also upgraded our website to improve its appearance and make it easier to us. If you are not a WinACC member, you will need to re-register if you want to post comments on our website. Your newsletter subscription will continue unaffected, so there is no need to sign up again if you only want to receive WinACC News.

We are sorry if this is inconvenient.

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How do you become a WinACC member?

It’s easy. Just sign the WinACC pledge and complete the registration form:

Sign the WinACC pledge for organisations

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