Global warming may provide some temporary benefit to the UK but, eventually, rising temperatures will cause problems as will rising sea levels.

It is actually quite hard to use computer models to accurately predict the regional, let alone local, impacts of global warming. However by running many different models and by using different assumptions about the future some consistent predictions have been obtained. Even though on average the Earth’s surface will warm, the amount of warming will vary regionally. There will be (probably temporary) winners as well as losers. Warmer weather may, to begin with, allow a longer growing season in temperate latitudes and reduce the need for heating buildings but eventually temperatures may rise to the point that they damage agriculture, allow the spread of ‘tropical’ diseases and cause the deaths of vulnerable people during heat waves. Elsewhere, reduced rainfall and increased temperatures will lead to the poleward expansion of deserts even into southern Europe. Rises in sea level will threaten low-lying coasts and islands at all latitudes.