Commuting and business travel cause more than a third of car carbon emissions.

 A Workplace Travel Plan is a great way of planning how to reduce these emissions:  Ask your employer to develop a workplace travel plan. Or if there is one already, get a copy and talk to colleagues and management about how to help make sure it is carried out.


  • Encourage your employer to provide secure cycle storage and clothes lockers.
  • Form a cycle group to encourage others to cycle.
  • Make sure your company website has good information for both staff and visitors on how to get to your workplace by public transport
  • If you have to get to work by car, create a car or lift sharing group so that you don’t have to drive your car every day to work.  You can come to work in one person’s car and go home from work in another person’s car. 
  • Encourage your employer to allow flexible working with opportunities to work from home. 

Business trips

  • Think about whether you need to make all the business trips that you normally do; could you sometimes use video conferencing or voice conferencing instead?
  • Plan your trips to combine them into one, rather than several individual journeys.
  • Flights and long car journeys cause the most carbon emissions. If you have to travel on business can you travel by train rather than car or plane?
  • When you book your train journey, reserve a seat with a table and, in many trains, an electrical socket for your laptop so you can work on the train.  Some trains even have wi-fi connections.

April 2012

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