Hampshire Climate Action aims to share good practice and ideas among people engaged in climate change in their community in the geographical area of Hampshire. In March 2014, it drew up a statement of how it operates.

Hampshire Climate Action Network

Name: Hampshire Climate Action Network

Legal status: Unincorporated association not registered as a charity

Core membership: Community and voluntary groups tackling climate change by positive action in the HCC area. Others welcome to attend:

  • Community and voluntary groups in Hampshire geographical boundaries;
  • Council staff working on climate change
  • Individuals who don’t have a local group in their area


Two open meetings a year in spring and autumn, publicised to people in core membership and others welcome to attend.  Venues will be accessible eg Winchester and Basingstoke.

Steering Group

Representatives of climate change groups in the core membership.  If a group makes no contacts with us of any sort for 6 months, they are no longer on the steering group.  If there were ever to be a vote, each group should have one vote only, and the person entitled to vote for that group would have been appointed at a meeting of that group.

Meets mostly by email and telephone conference.

One local group to take responsibility for maintaining list (currently WinACC).

Interest Groups

Any of the core member groups can set up an interest group.

Interest groups aim to:

  • Share information on their topic
  • Agree a common approach if appropriate

Interest groups can organise themselves however they want, within three constraints:

  • All core member groups should be invited to join each interest group
  • Each interest group will report on what it’s been doing to the 6-monthly open meetings
  • The interest groups should not issue news releases or public statements in the name of the Hampshire Climate Network without checking as described in the section below on public relations

Public relations

No-one shall issue a news release or public statement about the opinions of the Hampshire Climate Network unless it has been approved by the Steering Group. Any group has the right of veto on any public statement or news release if they feel it would damage them to be associated with it.

15 March 2014