Do you advise the public? Do people ask you for help? Would you like to know more about how to help people save energy, save money and stay warm?

We can help you.

  • casework advice - ring 01962 217844 or email and he will talk through the problem and suggest what you could do.
  • modular tailor-made training from 30 minutes to a full day for advice workers, outreach workers, home visitors, parish councillors, village agents, social workers  - anyone who reaches people who need help. Contact now to book your training or find out more. 
  • we have a kit available for loan containing examples of simple, energy saving measures including insulation, solar battery chargers, LED lightbulbs, solar slates, energy monitors and a thermal imaging camera.  Contact for further details. This has been made possible by a Hampshire County Council 'Have your Say' community grant.

Topics we cover include:

  • heating, thermostats, boilers, hot water
  • draughts and all sorts of insulation
  • getting the same at lower cost - switching suppliers and changing how you pay
  • gadgets for saving energy such as monitors, remote controls and smart meters
  • saving energy at zero cost
  • saving energy at low cost
  • what can tenants do
  • help with funding
  • renewable energy such as solar PV
  • white goods
  • IT
  • damp and condensation

and other topics of your choice.