BREATHE isn’t owned by WinACC.  (New to BREATHE? see What is BREATHE?)

We hope other groups will pick it up and run with it.

WinACC’s focus is the climate changing effect of air pollution.  Others can focus on other aspects such as ill-health.

We want to spread the idea. See below for merchandise and posters.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t use a version which includes WinACC’s name or logo if you aren’t a WinACC group.
  • WinACC is a charity which means we cannot legally be associated with any political party. Please don't put our charitable status at risk.

BREATHE branding

We encourage local variation within the core BREATHE brand and image. 

BREATHE core strapline
  • The core slogan (strapline) is BREATHE for better air, transport, health and environment. This should always appear.
  • Each linked campaign can add its own slogans / straplines.
BREATHE core logo

You can use the basic We Back BREATHE poster - landscape or portrait - remove the WinACC name and details unless you are a WinACC group. 

Or design your own poster, such as Joggers back BREATHE,  Cyclists back BREATHE, our school backs BREATHE. See this example of a non-Winchester poster for a choir.

We can email you the template in "Publisher" format for you to amend. If you want us to do it, we can make simple changes for you and send you a pdf or jpg for a small fee.


The poster and strapline are in Bookman Old Style. 

  • BREATHE_Win is for BREATHE activities in Winchester
  • Each campaign could set up its own.
  • We hope we will retweet each other.
Publicity materials

BREATHE branded items - postage will be added at its actual cost.


Pens  - 1-10 at 50p each, 11-50 at 40p, 51-100 at 30p and over 100 at 25p 

Window stickers - 1–50 at 25p each, 51 or more at 20p

Banner – approx. 1m. square - loan only

Good luck! and please tell us how you are using BREATHE for your own activities - send an email to, or join the Facebook group which is open to everyone to share ideas and debate.