WinACC has responded to the Winchester City Council consultation on the Local Plan Part 2 – Development Management and Site Allocations (LPP2) which closed on 5 December 2014.  

As Winchester City Council explained, LPP2 allocates sites for development and sets out detailed ‘development management’ policies.  Along with the Core Strategy (Local Plan Part 1) adopted in 2013 it will provide the range of site allocations and planning policies needed to guide development over the next 15-20 years. 

The Local Plan Part 2 does not include the area covered by the South Downs National Park.

WinACC's full response.

Our response was informed by what local people told us at our open public meeting on 11 November.

Our main points:

  • Local Plan Part 2 needs better detailed plans if it is to make a reality of the Local Plan Part 1 commitment to create a sustainable Winchester
  • developers' profits and the need for more housing mustn't outweigh the need for affordable housing
  • at Silver Hill,  the full range of facilities needed for all bus passengers need to be high quality and near the bus stops
  • the Plan should reflect the Winchester Town Access Plan aim to reduce the amount of traffic in Winchester city - and we suggest some detailed ways the Council could improve car parking
  • it is wrong for the Plan to rely on a consultants' report on the future of the Winchester station area, when that report hasn't been published or consulted on
  • the Plan should explicitly recognise that land is a finite resource which needs careful husbanding
  • it should  encourage of the design of roofs to provide efficient orientation for solar power. 

More in WinACC's full response.


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