Local climate change groups across the district are always keen to hear from anyone in their area who’d like to be on their mailing list or get involved in some way:
St Cross, Christchurch & the Barracks stcrossbarracks@winacc.org.uk
Bishops Waltham www.futureproofBW.org.uk
Kings Worthy Action on Climate Change rjohnston@winchester.gov.uk
Oliver’s Batterygreeningob@googlemail.com
Whiteley Action Group whiteley@winacc.org.uk
If there's no group near you, get together with a small group of like-minded people for a short, focussed and practical Cool Communities programme.
WinACC helps set up local groups all across the district, and we have people who'd like to be linked with you if you live near them. If you're interested, contact susie.phillips@winacc.org.uk, 01962 827083.
Susie also has lots of ideas for activities and projects that might inspire people in your area.