The Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) produced a reflection pack for WWF-UK to support churches and other places of worship wishing to take part in Earth Hour. Switch off your lights and show you want action on climate change and

The think tank ResPublica urges in its report  Air Necessities: Place-based solutions to a pollution crisis that councils be given powers to levy charge

Take part in The Big Church Switch to renewable energy at home and in your church. By using clean renewable energy, the church can demonstrate its commitment to love our neighbours and care for the earth.

Gayzer Frackman's  case will very likely be heard in March, quite possibly around the middle of the month, subject to finalisation by the court administrator. Hence, their dedicated legal team are now ramping up preparations of the essential case documentation required to be submitted in advance to the judge. They will advise the confirmed court dates as soon as they know.

The acronym MINDSPACE summarises what influences people to change: 

The latest European Environment Agency report indicates that air pollution is responsible for over 500,000 premature deaths [pdf, p9] in Europe every year. The problem is especially serious in cities. Emssions from burning fossil fuels for transport is a major cause.

The 500kW community-owned wind energy project, Resilient Energy Severndale, was approved by Forest of Dean District Council's planning committee in August 2015. This decision was then successfully challenged in the High Court by one objector. The project has been given the go-ahead for a legal appeal.

The Yorkshire campaign against fracking has raised their initial target of £5,000 before the deadline! So they can go ahead with the Judicial Review of Government decison on fracking.

Greenpeace reports big news: scientists have confirmed the discovery of an incredible coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon river!

But we can’t celebrate just yet: oil companies are closing in with a reckless plan to drill for oil nearby.

An oil spill could devastate this amazing place, harming wildlife and ruining local people’s livelihoods.