Rampant road building has split the Earth’s land into 600,000 fragments, most of which are too tiny to support significant wildlife, study shows.

Bike lanes may be the most cost effective way to improve public health, claims a new study from researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

145 MPs from all major UK political parties have signed up to a “pledge for the environment” to safeguard environment laws from Brexit.

New  NICE draft guidance on air pollution, containing recommendations for tackling poor air quality, is out for public consultation until 25 January 2017.

At 5.00am on Thursday 17th November, Cicely Spelling of 10:10 picked up 1000 pinwheels and headed to Parliament Square. As the sun dawned, she joined 25 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed volunteers and planted the pinwheels on the grassy lawn.
The pinwheels represent the lost turbines that can’t be built because of the withdrawal of government support for onshore wind.

The divisions caused by the EU referendum make it more important than ever for us all to unite behind our shared environment. 

Just 3 short years ago, Louise Hazan was one of a handful of organisers preparing to board a tour-bus to launch the Fossil Free Europe campaign in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. They had one simple message: if it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.

Over 80,000 people right across Europe have joined this movement to divest our public institutions from fossil fuels, by signing petitions, lobbying decision-makers and taking creative actions onto the streets.

Friends of the Earth petition to ditch diesel.

Last week, 10:10 kicked off its Blown Away campaign with a petition demanding that fossil fuels are not given more financial support than clean, renewable onshore wind.