Together Greenpeace and its supporters are going to take the government to court.  Are you in?

Greenpeace reports that this has been the hottest year in 115,000 years; Arctic ice levels are near rock bottom; yet Theresa May just approved a runway at Heathrow which could fuel even more climate change. "It’s beyond a joke".

George Monbiot reports in the Guardian (19 Oct 2016) that "you cannot build new runways and prevent climate breakdown".

The prime minister cannot uphold the Paris agreement on climate change, that comes into force next month, and permit the runway to be built. While most sectors can replace fossil fuels with other sources, this is not the case for aviation. reports that the think-tank Oil Change International have recalculated the mathematics of climate change. The basic gist is this: oil and gas fields and coal mines already in production contain enough carbon to carry us past the two degree mark.

Gayzer Frackman, from Fylde in Lancashire, plans to challenge the Government's upcoming decision re allowing fracking in Blackpool, on climate change and human rights grounds.

The case, if successful, will stop fracking in Blackpool and help to stop fracking elsewhere in the UK.

Pontiff says humans are turning planet into ‘wasteland full of debris, desolation and filth’ in call for urgent action on climate change. Click here for more.

This year the focus is on food waste. Why? Because it affects everybody. Find out more about the activities, podcast and campaign here 

Here is a brief summary of why the focus is on food waste this year...

We ALL throw food away!

The world’s largest offshore windfarm, Hornsea Project Two has received development consent from Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark.

When complete, the windfarm will deliver up to 1,800 megawatts of low carbon electricity to around 1.8 million UK homes.

WinACC's AGM 2016 is on Saturday 1 October 10.30am-12pm at St Lawrence Parish Room in Colebrook Street, Winchester. As a member you can influence how WinACC goes forward and you can also stand for election as one of our trustees.

Heating with wood

Wood-burning stoves can supplement an existing heating system and can also make a wonderful focal point in your living or dining room.  Back-boiler stoves provide heating  for the whole house and/or hot water as well.

For upto date Feed-Tariff rates, please go here.

Here are the basic details from the Energy Saving Trust: