For the next two years, the Carbon Trust is providing an attractive support package including a cost contribution of up to £10,000 to help small and medium sized companies identify energy saving opportunities and install energy efficient equipment.

2014 and 2015 were the hottest years since records began in 1850. February 2016 had the highest monthly temperature anomaly ever seen relative to the average from 1951-1980 and broke the record set by the previous month.These startling observations caused scientists to take a new look at the 15-year, so-called hiatus in global warming that appears to have started in 1998.

Greenpeace highlighted their campaign for the government to come up with an action plan to clean up our air by scaling and placing gas masks on Nelson's column and 14 other iconic statues.

An all-party Parliamentary group has been set up to look at whether economic growth is always a good thing or whether there are environmental and social limits beyond which further growth is too risky. Find out more

The Re:Design exhibition is an exciting showcase of all items were entered into the Great Waste Re:Design challenge – “making waste into something wonderful”.  Also on display dresses made by local colleges and schools during our October launch event and items from the popular Trash to Treasure exhibition.

The exhibition will be open at the following time and locations:

20 of the 36 highest emitting countries are also among the least vulnerable to the negative impacts of future climate change. At the same time, 11 of the 17 with low or moderate GHG emissions are acutely vulnerable to negative impacts of climate change.

“According to the February 2016 Catastrophe Report from insurance broker Aon Benfield, three nations suffered extreme weather disasters in February 2016 that cost at least 4% of their GDP — roughly the equivalent of what in the U.S.

Heads of the UK’s leading health institutions have come together to urge the Government to put into place action plans to ensure that the public, and the health systems they rely on, are able to respond to climate change.

Following the historic international climate deal agreed in Paris in December 2015, Christian Aid is campaiging for the UK Government to turn commitments into reality.