This is a quick introduction to voltage optimisation and how you can make changes to save energy and money.

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It really helps if you understand your energy bill as this will help you to see where you can save money. Unfortunately, every energy bill is laid out differently, but don’t despair. 


I just arrived in Paris for the global climate talks that start here today, and one of the first things I saw when I turned on my computer was the stream of photos coming from thousands of Global Climate March events across the globe.

What I saw was the beauty and power of a growing movement.

In England well over half of centrally heated homes are fitted with efficient condensing boilers. Isn’t it time that you replaced your old inefficient boiler and stopped wasting heat up the chimney?


Changing lightbulbs is perhaps the easiest way to save energy in the home and can deliver significant savings.

Here's a quick introduction to lightbulbs and how you can make changes to save energy and money.

Installing and using heating controls can significantly reduce your heating bills by only heating your house and water to the temperatures you need – when you need it.  A room thermostat and seven thermostatic radiator valves cost around £350 and could save you £70 - £150 a year. 

Solar PV (solar photovoltaic) systems generate electricity from daylight.  They work best on sunny south-facing roofs and can generate around half the electricity you need.

Here's a quick introduction to Solar PV and how you can make changes to save energy and money.

Windows and external doors are often sources of draughts. They allow warm air to leak out of your house constantly to be replaced by colder air which you have to heat to remain comfortable. So it’s a good idea to block up the draughts.

Damp and condensation-the facts

Damp is unhealthy. It makes you feel colder. The black mould that grows on damp surfaces can cause respiratory problems, as well as looking unpleasant. And clothes can get spoilt by mould if they’re damp.

You can often save a significant amount of energy and money by replacing old appliances.

For example a new energy saving washing machine could save a third of the energy compared to your old one and replacing a 15 year old fridge-freezer could cut your electricity bill by 10%.