Heating buildings using woodfuel could save you money whilst also reducing CO2 emissions and helping the UK meet its targets for renewable energy. Gillian Alker, formerly the Forestry Commission’s Woodfuels Officer for the South East, told WinACC's open meeting on 5th June, that there is over 2 million tonnes of wood available in the UK from under-managed woodland. Her presentation also emphasised that better management avoids cramped woodlands and maintains open spaces, thus benefiting native wildlife such as badgers and butterflies.

She calculated that a large organisation that uses 1000 kW of energy could save £45,000 per year through a combination of direct savings and Renewable Heat Incentive benefits by replacing their gas or oil heating with woodfuel, or £150,000 by replacing an electrical heating system. Woodfuel works best when large furnaces are used, and is therefore most suited to schools, district heating or even power stations.