At an interesting meeting looking at the supply of wood as a source of power in the Hampshire area on Saturday 2 November 2013,  editor and founder of Woodfuel magazine Danielle Vickers gave a presentation on commercial woodfuel and the rural economy, the arguments for and against the harvesting of timber for woodfuel and how it affects the carbon balance.  

Tim Jackson, Principal of Sparsholt College and WinACC patron, chaired the session, and Michael Ridout, Chair of the Wessex Rural and Farming Network, supported by David Webb, Chairman of Fieldfare Local Action Group and Rural Affairs and Tourism Committee policy chair for the Federation of Small Business, gave a presentation on the projects funded through the European funding programme LEADER in the past, and outlined how things may change from 2015.

The main actions to arise from the discussion were that WinACC should:

  1. Learn more about wood fuel
  2. Use WinACC website to inform people
  3. Tell people who use oil about cost and practicalities of moving to alternative fuel, including RHI (renewable heat incentive)
  4. Decide what we are trying to influence: supply? builders and developers of commercial property or new housing? Home-owners (biomass  better for retrofit and listed buildings than other sources of renewable power)
  5. Bring together supply and demand: including Forest Heat Energy and Churches Renewables
  6. Work with South Downs National Park, Wessex Rural and Farmrs Network, and LEADER/ FIELDFARE, and find someone to take part in the LEADER/FIELDFARE interim Steering Group who as expertise and time
  7. Issue a press release about this meeting.