February 2017

21 February 2017

A packed audience responded with enthusiasm to a talk by guest speakers from HAB Housing on "Building Low Carbon Housing" on 21 February at the Winchester Discovery Centre at a meeting organised by WinACC and Friends of the Earth Winchester.

Speaker photos

17 February 2017

In its first 6 weeks of operation, the Community Cafe in Winchester has served 456 meals using food that would otherwise have gone to landfill, thrown away by local suppliers but still within 'sell by' date.

The Community Cafe serves hot meals for as little as £3.50.

17 February 2017
Gayzer Frackman's  case will very likely be heard in March, quite possibly around the middle of the month, subject to finalisation by the court administrator. Hence, their dedicated legal team are now ramping up preparations of the essential case documentation required to be submitted in advance to the judge. They will advise the confirmed court dates as soon as they know.
16 February 2017

Winchester City Council is reviewing its Licensing Policy for taxis (technically "Hackney and Private Hire Vehicles, Drivers and Private Hire Operators" and welcome your comments by 2 March. You might want to suggest that taxis should produce as little greenhouse gas as possible.

11 February 2017

Winchester City Council held a public consultation on its draft Air Quality Action Plan for the city centre. WinACC replied that the actions set out in the plan probably won't be enough to keep air pollution within legal limits by 2020.

6 February 2017
A Winchester resident who is a volunteer at the WinACC office has set up a petition to Hampshire County Council "Put a green man crossing on Romsey Road where St James' Terrace and Clifton Terrace meet".
At this location a busy 'A' road crosses a busy pedestrian route between Winchester University and the town centre & rail station.
4 February 2017

The latest European Environment Agency report indicates that air pollution is responsible for over 500,000 premature deaths [pdf, p9] in Europe every year. The problem is especially serious in cities. Emssions from burning fossil fuels for transport is a major cause.

In February 2017, the website The Canary pubished a really useful roundup of what cities all round europe are doing to tackle the problem.

3 February 2017

The 500kW community-owned wind energy project, Resilient Energy Severndale, was approved by Forest of Dean District Council's planning committee in August 2015. This decision was then successfully challenged in the High Court by one objector. The project has been given the go-ahead for a legal appeal.

Please support this important legal action which will affect community renewable energy schemes nationwide. They need £10,000 for a legal review.

3 February 2017

The Local Plan for the Winchester District (Part 2) has passed inspection. Local Plan Parts 1 and 2 together provide a strong planning policy for the District, setting out areas for growth and those to be protected, together with a comprehensive suite of policies to guide individual planning applications.

January 2017

30 January 2017

The Yorkshire campaign against fracking has raised their initial target of £5,000 before the deadline! So they can go ahead with the Judicial Review of Government decison on fracking.

The aim of the case is to prove that fracking should be banned because central government at Westminster is sacrificing our health, the UK countryside and climate stability for the short term benefit of dirty fracking companies.