Plan a great holiday by keeping your feet in the ground, says Susie Phillips of Winchester Action on Climate Change. 

The local charity WinACC celebrated all different types of holidays that people can take without getting into a carbon belching aeroplane at their meeting last Tuesday. Five WinACC members shared their stories of travelling by trains, cars and buses in the UK and further afield, to France, Spain, Eastern Europe and even Beijing.

We all love our holidays – we plan, save and look forward to them all year. But planes release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere, contributing to global warming and ocean acidification. So our flights will end up damaging the lovely places we want to visit. Globally, about 8.3 million people fly every day – double the number from only 15 years ago.

A round trip to Barcelona for one person produces half a tonne of carbon dioxide and a trip to Florida produces a whopping 4.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide, about half the average carbon footprint of a UK citizen. So swapping even one holiday to a location closer to home makes a difference, and getting there by train or even car instead of plane makes even more difference.

To hear more about flight-free vacations, visit the WinACC website at If you have a low carbon story you would like to share, send it in 100 words or fewer to inspire others.