On 11 November 2014 more than 60 people gathered to discuss the Winchester District Local Plan Part 2, which was out for consultation by the City Council till 5 December. The meeting was called by WinACC, the City of Winchester Trust, Winchester Area Community Action and Winchester Friends of the Earth to give an opportunity to consider the plan, collect views, and question Steve Opacic, Head of Strategic Planning at Winchester City Council.

"It was fascinating that people from different organisations and different backgrounds shared such similar views" said Tony Stoller, new Chair of WinACC. "All the four organisations that called the meeting will submit their views to the City Council as part of the consultation, reflecting the range of opinions expressed at the meeting."

The meeting influenced what WinACC said in its submission to the Council on 5 December.


The programme

Steve Opacic’s presentation.

Comments on the Local Plan Part 2 as a whole, from the meeting . 

For the short introductions on the following topics, and the comments where avalable, click the name below.

Preserving the character of the city

More housing - how much and where?

The Open Space Strategy.   Comments on this topic.

Active transport.   Comments on this topic.

Air quality, cars and parking

Impact on people who are disadvantaged, and voluntary and community groups

Carbon impact of new developments

Developments in the Winchester station area.   Comments on this topic 

Other ideas from discussions at tables at the meeting will be added as they become available.