pedestrians and bikes only

report scoring town centres for vitality shows that shops in Winchester City have nothing to fear from the enthusiasm for a traffic-free central zone. 
Winchester could well have ranked higher than 35 on the Vitality Index if it had reduced traffic in the town centre. Retail centres that have implemented major traffic reduction policies have generally performed better than others in the vitality index:
    • York, whose traffic-free area is four times the size of Winchester’s, achieved the same vitality score as Winchester even though median income in Winchester is 25% higher than in York.
  • Oxford, whose centre is restricted almost entirely to public transport, did much better than Winchester and is ranked at 24, even though median income in Winchester is 14% higher.
  • Bath, with its large pedestrian zone, is ranked at 10 even though median income in Winchester is 19% higher.

Winchester is not achieving the levels of retail vitality we could hope for given its median income levels. A traffic-free centre could well improve performance.


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