If you want to campaign in divestment,  you may want to look at these:

David Knight, WinACC's Vice-Chair,  wrote a paper on the value of campaigning to urge business and financial institutions to divest from fossil fuels.  

See also the WinACC and FoE joint open meeting on January 13 2015 Keeping fossil fuels in the ground: the power of big business . This heard from speakers from Global Justice Now (previously called the World Development Movement) about disinvestment (divestment) from fossil fuel. The conclusions of the discussion were:

  • selling any shares you have in fossil fuels will make no difference to oil companies, but it is still worth doing because what we do, and what we ask of others, should be consistent 
  • putting any money you have into renewable energy schemes is a much better alternative than coal, oil or gas
  • a tactical option is to keep a few shares in fossil fuels, so you can argue the case for coal, oil and gas companies to invest in renewable energy instead of oil, gas or coal mining or fracking
  • if divestment is to have value, we need to press large investors, business and pensions, to sell shares in fossil fuels and to explain why they are doing it - and, ideally, to buy shares in renewable schemes instead.

See also the WinACC and FoE joint open meeting on 13 Septmber 2016 Your pension and the climate: what you can do.