fracking rig in lancasterThe Infrastructure Bill includes a legal obligation on UK government to "maximise economic recovery of UK petroleum". in other words, get as much oil out of the ground as possible.

This must be stopped. Fossil fuel needs to stay in the ground. Oil is extracted to be burnt; burning it releases greenhouse gases; maximising recovery means maximising greenhouse gases.

The government already has a legal obligation to do the opposite. The Climate Change Act 2008 commits Government to minimise the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Infrastructure Act 2015 will commit Government to maximise them.

The same bill would also change the trespass law to allow fracking companies to drill beneath people’s homes and land without their permission.

The Infrastructure Bill has been through the Lords. In the Report Stage in the House of Commons, all MPs can make amendments, and vote on it. 

Ask your MP to support amendments to remove the clauses on maximising recovery of oil and gas, and on changing the trespass laws. Here is a letter written by WinACC's vice-chair to his local MP Steve Brine - copy or adapt the wording as you prefer. Or you can use

There was a mass lobby of Parliament on 14 January. Find out more.

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