A very important House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee report Environmental risks of fracking was published on 21 January 2015 asking for a moratorium on fracking. The report summary says (in its own words. our emphasis):

"Extensive production of unconventional gas through fracking is inconsistent with the UK’s obligations under the Climate Change Act and its carbon budgets regime, which
encompasses our contribution to efforts to keep global temperature rise below two degrees.

"Shale gas, like ‘conventional gas’, is not low carbon, and the objective of government policy should be to reduce the carbon intensity of energy whatever its source. Shale gas cannot be regarded as a ‘transitional’ or ‘bridging’ fuel. ...

"... an extensive range of uncertainties remains over particular hazards—to groundwater quality and water supplies, from waste and air emissions, to our
health and to biodiversity, to the geological integrity of the areas involved, and from noise and disruption.

"It is imperative that the environment is protected from potentially irreversible damage.
• Fracking must be prohibited outright in protected and nationally important areas.
• Full containment of methane must be mandated.
• Fracking should be prohibited in all water source protection zones.

"A moratorium on the extraction of unconventional gas through fracking is needed to avoid both the inconsistency with our climate change obligations and to allow the uncertainty surrounding environmental risks to be fully resolved. .... Members might consider an Amendment to the [Infrastructure] Bill, which we discuss in our report, which would allow such a moratorium."

 Both our local MPs voted against the moratorium in the House of Commons on 26 January. 50 MPs broke ranks to vote against the plans, but it wasn’t enough.