Community energy is developing rapidly in the UK but now faces some serious threats caused by:-

  • ·         A change in policy adopted by the Financial Conduct Authority towards renewable energy co-operatives.  This includes recent moves by the FCA which could result in de-registration by the FCA of some of Britain's renewable energy co-operatives
  • ·         The Financial Conduct Authority's suggestion that it may seek to restrict returns to community benefit societies to 'philanthropic levels' and
  • ·         The withdrawal of Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax relief in April 2015 (or whenever the levels for Social Investment Tax Relief are raised) threatening the viability about 20 co-operatives which are part way through their projects. 

 More detailed briefing  

Please email or write to your MP with a copy of this briefing. Ask them to
a) oppose FCA moves to de-recognise UK community energy co-operatives, and
b) support an amendment to the Finance Bill, allowing a 2 year transition period for community energy co-ops to transit from EIS to SITR eligibility.

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