Winchester City Council wrote to WinACC to say that following the close of consultation on the draft Local Plan Part 2 in December 2014, summaries of all the comments  were reported to two Local Plan Committee meetings on 12 and 30 March respectively. These did not include responses to most of the comments.
The City Council's Strategic Planning team is following up the many detailed points made on the draft Local Plan Part 2.
A Local Plan Committee was scheduled for 1 June 2015 to look at the issues raised and any proposed amendments to the Plan.
However, the Council has decided to cancel the 1 June meeting, given the number and nature of representations, and the need to engage with specialists both within and outside the Council.
They anticipate the meeting will be in September. 

The intention is that the next stage of the Local Plan (the ‘Pre-Submission’ Plan) will be published in autumn 2015 for a 6-week consultation on its ‘soundness’ followed by submission for examination by an Inspector in early 2016, examination hearings in spring 2016, and adoption in mid/late 2016. 

The City Council will publish a detailed programme for the next stages of the Local Plan work and its consideration by Councillors will be published soon.