Cat Fletcher, Resource GoddessDirector and Head of Media Freegle UK, Reuse Manager for Brighton & Hove City Council, spoke to a WinACC/FoE meeting on 8 September about:

  • how the house is made of waste
  • where they got stuff from
  • how it's designed not to waste energy
  • the research - what they're finding out from the house

Read a shortened pdf of Cat's talk. It was too large to upload - if you want the full set of slides, email

Britain’s first house made almost entirely of rubbish opened its doors in June 2014 at the University of Brighton  - see press release about the house. The house is built using thrown-away concrete blocks, timber, ply, vinyl banners, pieces of polystyrene, bicycle inner tubes and even old coffee grinds which were turned into a kitchen worktop.  It is also EPC ‘A’ rated - a low energy building to run and keep warm, as well as to build. 

The Brighton Waste House aims to prove that under valued so-called waste material has potential to become a valuable resource and therefore prove “that there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place!’. 

Read our news release