Solar PV (solar photovoltaic) systems generate electricity from daylight.  They work best on sunny south-facing roofs and can generate around half the electricity you need.

Here's a quick introduction to Solar PV and how you can make changes to save energy and money.

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

If you have a solar PV system installed you:

  • get paid for the electricity you generate whether you use it or not
  • can use the electricity you generate for free in your home

To receive the payments (Feed-in-Tariff), the system must be installed by a certified (MCS accredited) installer. Typical systems pay for themselves in around 8-10 years.

If you own a PV system it makes financial sense to run electrical appliances like washing machines whilst the sun is shining so you use your own free electricity rather than paying for it from your energy supplier.


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