Windows and external doors are often sources of draughts. They allow warm air to leak out of your house constantly to be replaced by colder air which you have to heat to remain comfortable. So it’s a good idea to block up the draughts.

Here's a quick introduction to windows and doors and how you can make changes to save energy and money.

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To reduce draughts:

  • Check seals are tight and adjust or replace if necessary
  • Seal gaps/cracks around windows with filler/mastic
  • Consider secondary glazing or window film as alternatives to replacing old windows
  • Grants may be available to replace single glazing
  • Check trickle vents as these can be draughty even when shut

To reduce draughts from external doors:

  • Fit swinging covers over Chubb-type keyholes
  • Fit draught excluders to letterboxes
  • Fit a suitable draught seal around the door frame
  • Fit brush or threshold seals to the bottom of the door
  • Check if a timber door has warped, expanded or contracted



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